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Television reception

What’s wrong with my TV reception?

We all love watching television, and there’s nothing more frustrating than when our reception begins to play up. If you’ve been having problems with your TV signal, there’s a few possible culprits.

All Australians should generally be able to receive free-to-air television, either terrestrially or via satellite (if terrestrial coverage is not available), provided they have the correct receiving equipment. TV broadcasters provide this service, with support from the Australian Government.

The vast majority of all television reception issues are caused by:

  • cables and fly leads that are old, damaged or not plugged in properly
  • a TV or set-top box that isn’t tuned to the correct channels
  • an antenna that isn’t up to scratch or isn’t pointing to the correct transmitter
  • areas with deficient coverage or fringe reception
  • trying to receive signals from outside the intended coverage area of a transmitter.

Less often, your television reception may be affected by interference or signal overload from other sources. But it’s important to remember if you don’t have an appropriate television receiving system, you need to fix your antenna before looking for interference.

The causes and solutions for each of these issues can be very different, so it’s important to identify exactly why you’re having problems.

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