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New Antenna

If you are planning to install a brand new digital antenna at your new house or just replace the old one, you are in the right place. We provide a wide range for you to get access to all the free channels available. No point in paying a fortune to watch something you can watch for free!

TV Wall Mounting

Enhance the look of your room by just getting your TV mounted on the wall, without any chaos of visible cables by hiding these inside the wall. We give you an option to choose the mounting type, that is from flat, tilt or swivel. Why not give a modern touch to your house?

CCTV Systems

Our surveillance camera systems offer you the possibility of keeping an eye on your business or home, wherever you are. Our experienced technicians know just what you need, and we guarantee you the best and most cost-effective results. We guarantee a quick, professional work.

TV Points

Get extra TV outlets in your house with top quality cable coaxial RG6 connected to your existing Antenna. You ought to have a tv installed in your bedroom, because who doesn’t like comfort! We provide you with Extra TV points which are connected to the existing antenna.

Phone And Data Points

Poor Wi-Fi coverage in your house?, only one phone point? Let us assist you with your cable, data and networking needs. If you upgraded to NBN recently and modem was installed in a death point for internet and phone, don’t hesitate to contact us.

TV Tuning

Are you having problems tuning your new Smart TV or no getting all channels? Technology changes every day and it is more confusing to setup the latest devices but we are here to help you. A good TV tuning gives you excellent picture, sound and channels information.

Device Installation

Did you just move to a new place or did you buy a new device to install? We can do the job for you setting up and installing all your devices with the correct cables to give you the best functionality.